Akpos And The Native Doctor (Joke) by App User Bassey E.


Akpos went to a native doctor to find out how bright his destiny will be. The native doctor drew a circle with a white chalk and another circle with a black chalk.

After that, he placed a dead millipede on floor and said that he is going to make some incantations so that
the millipede will start to crawl and if it crawls to the white circle that means your destiny is bright
but if it crawls to the black circle it means your destiny is dark.

Finally he started the incantations and the millipede started to scrawl and when it reach between the two circles,it turn towards the black circle, Akpos watched carefully.
When it was about to enter inside the black circle. Akpos pick it and put it inside the white circle.

The furious native doctor asked Akpos why he did that, Akpos replied: i cant fold my hands and watch my destiny to crawl into darkness because my destiny is in my hands your destiny will never crawl into darkness in JESUS NAME!

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Submitted by App User Bassey E.


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