Impossible Questions (Joke)


A teacher was trying her student’s intelligence by asking them these questions. I saw a snake on my way home. “Assuming you are in my shoes what will you do?” The teacher asked.

Akpovoka: I will look for stick and kill it. “That’s smart of you” said the teacher. ”Armed robbers attacked me in my car and said, ”Your car key or your life” “Assuming you are in my shoes, what will you do?” asked the teacher again.

Osakwe: I will give them the car key and run for my life. Once there is life there is hope. “Wow! That’s so wise of you” said the teacher. I returned from work, opened my door and saw 100 million Naira on my bed. “Assuming you were in my shoes what will you do” asked the teacher.

Kalistus: I will bite your toes until you faint. I will then come out from your shoes and collect the money.

Teacher: “Fool! How possible is it for you to be inside my shoes?”.

Kalistus: “How possible is it for you to open your door and see 100 million Naira on your bed?”.

Credits: Adapted from Firstclassnewsline


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