Money Matter (Joke) by App User Lazo P.


Akpos : Sweetheart
Akpos Wife : Yes honey

Akpos: Come here
Akpos Wife : Why?

Akpos : Please come first
Akpos Wife : Here I am

Akpos : Please put off your clothes
Akpos Wife : I’ve done that

Akpos : Remove your panties
Akpos Wife : For what?

Akpos : I said remove your panties
Akpos Wife: OK am nude now

Akpos : Jump to bed
Akpos Wife : Here I am

Akpos : Open your legs
Akpos Wife : Why?

Akpos : I said open up your legs
Akpos Wife : Hmm it’s done

Akpos : Come help me count my money.
Akpos Wife : You asked me to go naked why?

Akpos : Because I don’t trust you when it comes to money.
Submitted by App User Lazo P.

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