Sad Tale (Joke) by App User Kelvin O.


I can never forget 7th of December 2015 at about 2pm, it was like a dream, how it all happened,i don’t know ,
It still hurts that I won’t see u again, I blame myself for your premature death, I can remember how we met @ the Phone Plaza.

You where strong and full of energy,
we accepted each other on our first date… this life is a mystery, you helped me forget my neighbours whenever they make noise.

You gave me peace when ever I listen to your lovely voice till 7th of Dec, when the unforgettable happened,
we were on a bus heading to my friends wedding when you fell off the bus …
I wasn’t so fast to catch you when a moving truck crushed you before my very eyes … Oh Oh Oh Ooooh MY EAR PIECE.
There is nothing like follow come earpiece … Wink
Submitted by App User Kelvin O.

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