Policeman Breaks Woman’s Jaw For Withholding Girlfriend’s Whereabouts.


A 30-year-old woman, Oluchukwu Ezemaduka, is currently battling with a damaged jaw at a private hospital, West Care Specialist Hospital in Akowonjo, Lagos, after she was allegedly battered by a riot policeman, Idiahgbe Iyobosa.

Iyobosa, who is attached to a bank in the FESTAC Town, was said to have repeatedly hit the woman in the jaw with his service boots until blood gushed out.

Oluchukwu is the friend and roommate of Iyobosa’s girlfriend, Maryjane Anyagwa. The friends live on Awoyemi Street, off Coker Road, Ejigbo.

PUNCH Metro reports that Iyobosa had visited his girlfriend in Ejigbo on Saturday, January 21, at about 9pm, with a view to passing the night at her place, but met only Oluchukwu at home.

He was said to have got enraged and resorted to the assault as the victim told him that she didn’t know Anyagwa’s whereabouts.

Oluchukwu, who managed to speak to Punch from her sick bed, said the policeman ransacked the apartment, looking for his girlfriend.

“I was not in the room when he came. As I was about to enter the room, I felt that somebody was there; I got a torch from a neighbour and shone it in the room. That was when I knew it was him. He had scattered everywhere.
“He asked me where his girlfriend was, I didn’t answer him. He asked me the second time and I told him that I didn’t know her whereabouts. He kicked me several times with his boots, breaking my jaw. He brought out a dagger and chased me outside. It was people, who saved me. “The pain is too much for me. The doctor said I would undergo surgeries this week.”

Her friend, Anyagwa, stated that her relationship with Iyobosa was marred with threats and harassment, saying she was no longer interested in the relationship. She said,


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