“I resigned from my job when I started dating a married colleague” – Lady says


A young lady recently wrote to Joro Olumofin about a married man she is dating.

See what she wrote below:

Husband Caught Having Sex With A Neighbour In A Toilet

Hi joro please keep me anonymous. I am a 24year old graduate. I got a job in February this year after I concluded nysc last October. I met this cool guy who works in my coy who asked me out though he is married. I refused initially calling him ojukokoro sef. Fast forward to 2 months later.

I saw myself dating this guy. Hmm. I resigned from this job this may cos it was not what I expected. This guy tells me of how aggressive his wife is, how she beats him and even denies him of sex. He even told me of his plans to relocate his family back to the east where they were initially, I advised him against it.

Although we have not been physical yet. But we go out on dates and all. Up until yesterday after we spoke in the night. I noticed his wife started calling me at 11pm. I identified her no via true caller.

She called me 5 times joro. he started calling me as well. Imagine husband and wife calling me joro. I ignored. This morning she called me again. I decided to put both contacts on blacklist for now. I’m just confused now oh.



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