SIRBALO CINIC Adaeze and Onyi Messing Machine (Video|Skit)


Hilarious fresh video skit from the stable of Sirbalo Comedy Clinic. They titled this week’s episode “Messing Machine” It features the young, beautiful and talented comedienne, little Adaeze, Oluchi and Onyi.

Adaeze and Onyi’s private home lesson teacher dictates their test questions to them and at the same time bombards them with an offensive fart odour (Mess) in this video skit. Click to watch what happens next when little Adaeze confronts the home teacher.

Credits: Sirbalo Clinic
Starring: Adaeze, Oluchi and Onyi

Booking info
Phone: +2347039613647

Social Media
Facebook: Sirbalo Clinic
Youtube:sirbalo clinic


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