Apocalypse Coming? Mystery ‘Fire Rainbow’ In The Sky Sparks Fears The World Is Coming To An End


A rare ‘rainbow of fire’ has been spotted in the sky, sparking fears that the world could end sooner than everyone thought – Snapshots and video clips of the bizarre phenomena are already doing rounds online. Some people claim the ‘fire rainbow’ could be work of a furious god – Other social media users have even reckoned it is a sign of the much awaited biblical Apocalypse. Who is telling the truth?

Residents of Chiclayo city in Peru are in panic mode after they spotted an extremely bizarre rainbow suddenly appear in the sky.They fear that the world could be coming to an end.

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The shocking phenomena of fire rainbows cause colours to fan out across the sky. The extremely bizarre phenomenon was spotted by local sky gazers who were left astonished and fearful of the unknown.

“The rainbow appeared in the early hours of this morning. It appears to be a cloud with a colour similar to yellow,” says one of the scared witnesses. Snapshots and clips of the rare ‘rainbow of fire’ were quickly taken and posted online for everyone’s input. The ‘fire rainbow’ looks like a streak of flames powering through the sky. “Good afternoon, right now we are seeing a rare yellow line in the sky and people are a bit scared,” commented a man in one of the clips posted online.

Some individuals claimed the ‘fire rainbow’ could be the work of an angry god who has carved a line of flames across the clouds. “Hell has been split open. Repent or you will be burned,” said Anghello Descalzhi. Others think the strange rainbow reckoned it was a sign of the much awaited biblical Apocalypse. “Regret sinners. The Lord is coming. Now a lot of you will take your bibles and will start reading and beat their chest, ridiculous… and religious people will say that God is near us,” Valle Torres Jhosep added to the growing number of comments.

Residents cross a flooded street after rivers breached their banks due to torrential rains. The fire rainbow surfaced even as Peru was experiencing some pretty apocalyptic weather conditions, characterised by floods and mudslides that have reportedly claimed lives of eighteen people. Footage of the devastation indicates desperate locals making lines of human chains as they stand waist deep in the flood water in a desperate attempts to save children from helicopters.

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