Wheelchair-bound Lady Competes In Beauty Pageant (Photos)


Justine Clark, has made history as the first contestant in a wheelchair to compete in the Miss World Australia pageant’s South Australian state final in Adelaide.

When the world seems over for a handicapped model, her positive outlook on life made her turn her situation around and still fight to achieve her goals. For people like Justine Clark, the sky is the limit.

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For this year’s Miss Australia pageant, Justin who is bound to a wheel chair participated in the contest. The 26-year-old model made history as the first contestant to compete in the Miss World Australia pageant in a wheelchair.

The 26-year-old model, didn’t win the competition but her participation is laudable and has everyone wishing that her dreams will be achieved one day.

According to Gist Market sources, there is a possibility for her to still climb the national stage if she forges on with Beauty with a Purpose campaign, which raises money for local charities.

Justine Clarke has been in a wheelchair for two years but didn’t open up about the incident that led to her disability but has a strong conviction to be a role model and empower young women.

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